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PROTEUS is designed to allow researchers to work on their own projects while at the same time contributing some essential data to the wider eFLOWER goal.

At the moment, these projects are (coordinators listed, not including all contributing users):
+ Magnoliidae (Julien Massoni and Hervé Sauquet)
Arecaceae (Elodie Alapetite and Sophie Nadot)
+ Proteaceae (Hervé Sauquet and Peter Weston)
Ranunculales (Sophie Nadot, Catherine Damerval, and Hervé Sauquet)
Ericales (Jürg Schönenberger, Marion Chartier, and Florian Jabbour)
ePOLLEN (Béatrice Albert and Charlotte Prieu)
+ eBanana (Thomas Haevermans and Ngoc-Sam Ly)
+ eBamboo (Thomas Haevermans)
+ Tripogon (Melodina Fabillo and Tanya Scharaschkin)
+ Pterobryaceae (Karma Wangchuck and Tanya Scharaschkin)
+ MascFerns (Sabine Hennequin and Irene Valderrama)
+ Sarcolaenaceae (Anaëlle Soulebeau and Thomas Haevermans)

In addition, PROTEUS is now also being used to document and store fossil calibrations for the SUPERSMART project (Alexandre Antonelli and collaborators).

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