A framework for understanding the evolution and diversification of flowers


Our first landmark paper just came out:

  • Sauquet H, von Balthazar M, Magallón S, Doyle JA, Endress PK, Bailes EJ, Barroso de Morais E, Bull-Hereñu K, Carrive L, Chartier M, Chomicki G, Coiro M, Cornette R, El Ottra JHL, Epicoco C, Foster CSP, Jabbour F, Haevermans A, Haevermans T, Hernández R, Little SA, Löfstrand S, Luna JA, Massoni J, Nadot S, Pamperl S, Prieu C, Reyes E, dos Santos P, Schoonderwoerd KM, Sontag S, Soulebeau A, Staedler Y, Tschan GF, Wing-Sze Leung A, Schönenberger J. 2017. The ancestral flower of angiosperms and its early diversification. Nature Communications 8: 16047. link

In addition, the PROTEUS database was used to prepare morphological datasets for the following papers:

  • Chartier M, Löfstrand S, von Balthazar M, Gerber S, Jabbour F, Sauquet H, Schönenberger J. 2017. How (much) do flowers vary? Unbalanced disparity among flower functional modules and a mosaic pattern of morphospace occupation in the order Ericales. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 284: 20170066. link
  • Citerne HL, Reyes E, Le Guilloux M, Delannoy E, Simonnet F, Sauquet H, Weston PH, Nadot S, Damerval C. 2017. Characterization of CYCLOIDEA-like genes in Proteaceae, a basal eudicot family with multiple shifts in floral symmetry. Annals of Botany 119: 367–378. link
  • Inácio CD, Chauveau O, Souza-Chies TT, Sauquet H, Eggers L. 2017. An updated phylogeny and infrageneric classification of the genus Sisyrinchium (Iridaceae): challenges of molecular and morphological evidence. Taxon 66: 1317–1348. link
  • Nadot S, Alapetite E, Baker WJ, Tregear JW, Barfod AS. 2016. The palm family (Arecaceae): a microcosm of sexual system evolution. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 182: 376–388. link
  • Prieu C, Sauquet H, Gouyon P-H, Albert B. 2017. More than sixty origins of pantoporate pollen in angiosperms. American Journal of Botany 104: 1–9. link
  • Reyes E, Sauquet H, Nadot S. 2016. Perianth symmetry changed at least 199 times in angiosperm evolution. Taxon 65: 945–964. link
  • Sauquet H, Carrive L, Poullain N, Sannier J, Damerval C, Nadot S. 2015. Zygomorphy evolved from disymmetry in Fumarioideae (Papaveraceae, Ranunculales): new evidence from an expanded molecular phylogenetic framework. Annals of Botany 115: 895–914. link
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