What is eFLOWER?

eFLOWER is a collaborative scientific project aimed at answering key questions on the evolution of flowers:

– What were flowers like in deep nodes of the angiosperm tree?
– Which floral innovations are linked with major increases in diversification rates?
– How are floral characters correlated with one another?
– To what extent has floral diversification been driven by pollination?
– Where do fossil flowers fit on the phylogeny of extant angiosperms?

To answer these questions, we are building a database of floral traits for a large sample of angiosperm species using an exemplar approach. To learn more about this database, click here: What is PROTEUS?

eFLOWER is currently coordinated by a team of researchers from Australia, Austria, and Mexico. To learn more about who we are, click here: Who are we?

eFLOWER is still in its early stages. Once our database server is running smoothly, we will welcome contributions from other interested researchers. 

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