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Organizers: Hervé Sauquet (Univ. Paris-Sud) and Jürg Schönenberger (Univ. Vienna)

Location: Faculty Centre of Biodiversity, University of Vienna, Rennweg 14, A-1030 Wien, Austria

Dates: 3-10 July 2013 (six working days); the weekend (6-7 July) may be used to explore Vienna

Number of participants: 12

Purpose: To speed up data entry in the PROTEUS database in order to reach the first targets of the eFLOWER project ( The School will consist primarily in massive entry of floral trait data, based on published descriptions, for a target list of species representing all angiosperm families, assisted by eFLOWER project coordinators, and interspersed with lectures by experts on a diversity of relevant topics for the project. Preliminary analyses and exciting new results will be expected and presented by the end of the School. All participants (PhD students, master students) will be offered co-authorship on the eFLOWER paper using the data from the School and have the chance to use PROTEUS for their own projects in their home labs as well as to continue collaborating on eFLOWER. The School offers a unique opportunity to learn about floral structure and evolution, angiosperm phylogeny, and contemporary macroevolutionary methods; great networking opportunity for students in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

Invited speakers: Peter Endress (University of Zurich), Maria von Balthazar (University of Vienna), Susana Magallón (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), Brian O’Meara (University of Tennessee; virtual lecture).

Profile of participants: We target primarily early PhD students as well as master students with some knowledge of plant morphology, systematics, and phylogenetics. Students of flowering plant Evo-Devo are also welcome to apply.

Application: To apply, send a letter of motivation and your CV in a single PDF file to and by 31 May 2013. Your letter should be no more than one page and explain clearly why you think the eFLOWER Summer School will be beneficial to your research and how you think your experience and expertise will benefit the project.

Costs: Each participant will receive a travel grant for up to 250 Eur. Accomodation in a nearby youth hostel (including breakfast) will be covered by the School. Other meals and travel insurance are not included and need to be covered by the participants themselves.

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