Scratchpads 2.0 statistics


The number of different objects in Scratchpads (incl. taxon descriptions, bibliographic entries, localities, specimens and images)

Active users

Registered users logged-in at least once to their Scratchpad sites


The number of times Scratchpads objects have been viewed


The number of Scratchpad sites

Objects and Views

Note, view counts are only recorded for "Nodes".


Number of Active Users/Sites

A site is understood to be active if a registered user signs in to modify the site’s content. The action of signing in defines a user as active. Visitors browsing the site, i.e. without logging in, are not counted in these figures. These figures show that the dominant pattern of activity is for registered users to update their sites periodically.

Scratchpads developed and conceived by (alphabetical): Ed Baker, Katherine Bouton Alice Heaton Dimitris Koureas, Laurence Livermore, Dave Roberts, Simon Rycroft, Ben Scott, Vince Smith